Let every man be master of his time.

Wherever we look, complexity is growing; whether it is increasingly interconnected companies and financial systems that drive our economy, the question of assuring mobility with ever-increasing demand for transport, or reliable operation of factories and supply chains. I am convinced that we can capture, order and control this complexity only by using the best methods at hand for handling our information (or data) on them, and by handling it intelligently. In other words, only by leveraging current IT and Big Data methods in the most practical way, can we ascertain the further growth and ressource-efficient utilization of the systems we depend on every day.

My mission is to drive digitalization through solutions that improve the sustainability and future of our society and civilization, such as mobility, health, nutrition and communication.

Since 12/2014, I have been working as a Data Scientist, and Cloud-oriented BigData Architect for heavy industry digitalization. For instance, I leverage BigData technologies, such as massive parallel data processing, analytics and visualization, to improve railway vehicle maintenance and operations. Also, I support and consult customers within prototype analytics and data science projects, do strategic planning of analytics portfolios or act as technological lead and enterprise architect in data-heavy implementation projects.


  • 16+ patent applications for new analytical data driven methods addressing value-adding usecases.
  • Winning team of the company internal AI Hackathon 2016. .
  • Winning team of the companies innovation prize in the "Customer First" Category 2017.
  • Winning team of Business Units Innovation award 2018 for work on automatic track inspection using video analytics.¬†