Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Here you can find an overview about my publications, and the diverse research projects I have worked on during my university carreer. In the download section, you can find programs and code I have written to supplement my publications.

My oldest research projects range from experimental work, such as nano-particles in glue, or protein folding tonumerical studies of Langevin dynamics and aging phenomena. Following these mostly smaller projects, I worked on quantum many-body dynamics, in particular on the Quantum Galileo Ramp as a part of my Masters Thesis (Diplomarbeit).

Since the end of 2010 (during my my PhD), I concentrate on  the dynamics of networks, especially of ecological food webs, power grids and models for social groups. In particular, I work on methods that allow to trace failures or perturbation consequences in these networks to specific small structures, so-called key players and outbreak centres.