The raven himself is hoarse.

A few impressions from building my musical suitcase:

Case Material

  • An old-style flight case.
  • Spare ply wood
  • Screws and Glue
  • Copper tubes for bass-reflex
  • House covers for lamps
  • Decorative Nails


Original setup

  • Mini car amp (Lepy L808, 2x10 W)
  • Old speakers from a compact stereo set
  • Source 1: Lead-Gel Accu (12V) and
    12V-Charger for the Accu (can be hooked up by connecting it to two large machine screws in the center opening).
  • Source 2: 3A/13.5V Power Supply when a wall socket is available.
  • Switch for switching Battery and External Power
  • Voltage Indicator: Analog Voltmeter (0-15V)
  • On-press switch for Voltage-Indicator
  • Various cables, connector clamps and soldering lead
  • Big Screws as contact for the battery charger

Extensions (not shown)

  • Power upgrade: 2.1 Amp (Lepy LP168S, 2x 20 W + 45W)
  • Subwoofer: Additional 14cm speaker in an external casing, banana-plug suckets and plugs for connection
  • Improved Voltage Indicator (10-13V): Analog Voltmeter (0-3V), Voltage regulator (L78S10 and capacitors)
  • USB Bluetooth module (charged by Amp output)


  • Hand and automatic saws
  • Triangle and Band Grinding Machines
  • Soldering iron
  • Elecrical testing equipment
  • Battery charger for 12V lead battery
  • Various everyday tools, like hammer, pincher, screw drivers,..
Final. Material. Chassis.